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Segway Tour Düsseldorf
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Segway Tours in Duesseldorf: Kaiserswerther Tour

Kaiserswerth is located just outside of Duesseldorf not too far from Düsseldorf airport. A historic city on the banks of the Rhine its location makes for magnificent views of the old town.

We start our tour from the Nagelshof (located in the district of Lohausen). After a short instruction and our first attempts at handling the segway we make our way along the riverside and head for the impressive „Flughafenbrücke“ (airport bridge).
We cross the Rhine to enjoy the view on the river panorama and afterwards take the ferry back to the other side.
After taking a short break at the Café „Alte Rheinfähre“  we leave for the ruin of the Kaiserpfalz (imperial palace) and the old toll castle of emperor Barbarossa.

Before we enter the urban part of Kaiserswerth our trip to leads us through the fields oft he rural area. Passing the „Klementsviertel“ district we eventually make it to the city center of Kaiserswerth.
Over the embankment of the „Rheinuferdamm“ our segway tour leads us back to Lohausen where we started.

The tour is priced at 69€ per person and lasts about 2 hours. It is perfectly suited for both tourists aswell as  true „Düsseldorf originals“. It starts off with an introduction for every one to feel safe on the segway while exploring the best parts of Kaiserswerth.


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start / end:
Nagelsweg 120, 40474 Düsseldorf
120 Minuten
69€ per person
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